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Receivership Services

Orange County Property Management has served as the receiver and management company as well as the leasing and sales agent for a number of local and large national banks and financial institutions with distressed commercial properties.

Our specialized services include acting as court appointed receiver and manager of distressed assets and supervisor of capital repositioning projects. We focus on the key areas of revenue growth that are specific to each project in order to create revenue generating solutions to improve the cash flow of troubled assets. Our receivership services also include efforts to minimize expenses by scrutinizing existing vendor contracts, competitively bidding key services and eliminating services that are out of line with the short term and long term goals of each project.

Through this two-pronged approach, our receivership specialists are able to help realize and emphasize the financial strengths of a project that may not have been evident to earlier investors. Through our large network of experienced brokers and contacts, we work to maximize occupancy rates and further enhance the value of each project. Our Urgent Services as a California Receiver Include:

Our Stabilization Services Also Include: